Dr., Lieutenant, Thomas Barnes
(Ph.D. Criminology)

USN / USCG, DV1-DO, retired
"Consulting Detective"



  • Honorably Retired, 1980, Downey California (Los Angeles) Police Department Detective.
  • Honorably Retired, 1996, United States Coast Guard Lieutenant (refer military qualifications).
  • California Community College Instructors Credential (Police Science) NO. 161501.
  • Federal Arson Investigator and Certification School (refer schooling).
  • Federal Court qualified Narcotics identification and clandestine labs. (Refer schooling).
  • Weapons Specialist (refer F.B.I. school, U.S. Patent, Military award).
  • State of California Department of Fish and Game Hunter Safety Instructor No. 63.


  • 1971, Associate Arts, Criminal Justice Degree, cum laude. Santa Ana College.
  • 1994, Bachelor of Arts Criminal Justice.
  • 1998, Master of Arts, Criminology.
  • 2006, Doctorate of Arts (Criminology).

Public Service Commissions

  • The city of Whittier California (Pop. 89,000) Planning Commissioner (semi-judicial) 1986-2000 Chairman of Planning Commission year 2000. Five-member commission having Televised meetings twice a month, including but not limited to the City General Plan, Zoning, Conditional Use Permits, blight reduction, and health and welfare issues. Made legal findings of fact on land issues.
  • County of Los Angeles, Beach Commissioner, appointed 1999 - 2018 as a commissioner and Chairman, I jurisdiction includes approximately 72 miles of Los Angeles County Beaches, which include the offshore Islands of Catalina Island and San Clemente Island. Commission meets with County Life Guards and reviews and reports to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors with recommendations on environmental issues, storm and maintenance issues. Note Los Angeles Beaches are the Worlds most populated beaches.
  • Californian Republican of the year 2000-2002, 2003, National Republican Congressional Committee. 2003 Businessman of the year (The National Republican Congressional Committee's Business Advisory Council).
  • Honorary co-chairman Business Advisory Council National Republican Congressional Committee.
  • Co-Founder of Homeland Security Policy Institute Group, Inc. and Co-Founder of the Man in the Sea Memorial Monument project. www.hspig.org.


  • State Private Investigators License NO. 8154 Thomas Barnes L.A. Private Eye.
  • Numerous other licenses, which include but or not limited to: Department of Justice, Tear Gas License 722-R (Past), California Department of Justice, Tear Gas Sales License NO. 348-R (Past), California Department of Justice Permit to Possess Machine Guns NO. 560R (Past).
  • California Department of Justice, License to Sell Machine Guns No 105R (Past).
  • Federal Firearms License (BATF) Sales (Past).
  • Federal Firearms License (BATF) Machine Gun Sales (Past).
  • Federal Firearms License (BATF) Manufacture Machine Guns (past).
  • Federal Firearms License (BATF) Sales of explosives (past).


  • United States Navy, Date of Enlistment, Active Duty 1964 - 1971.
  • Petty Officer 2nd Class, Interior Communications Electrician.
  • Diver 1st Class /salvage/deep sea/mixed gas qualified.
  • Vietnam Service.
  • United States Coast Guard, Enlisted 1983, Special Agent.
  • Presidential Commissioned Officer, Ensign U.S.C.G. 1987.
  • Retired USN/USCG 1996, O-3, Senior Lieutenant.
  • Last Command Port Security Harbor defense command Port Dammam Saudi Arabia, Operation Desert Shield/Storm.
  • Military Qualified Specialties / Experience Indicator Codes.
  • United States Navy: Mobil Inshore Undersea Warfare Watch Officer.
  • Staff Operations Center Officer.
  • Staff Command and Control Officer.
  • Staff Operations Planning Officer.
  • United States Coast Guard: Operations Officer.
  • Law Enforcement Officer.
  • Port Contingency Officer.
  • Special Agent (Officer).
  • Intelligence Officer.
  • Diving Officer.
  • Port Security Unit Officer.

Medals, Ribbons, and Awards

  • 1985 United States Customs Special Agents Western Region Award and Plaque of Appreciation.
  • Bronze Star Combat Medal, Presidential.
  • Meritorious Service Medal W/ Operational designation (presidential) - Operational designation.
  • Navy Achievement Medal - Gold Star (second Award).
  • Coast Guard Achievement Medal - Operational Designation.
  • The department of Transportation Gold Medal.
  • Combat Action Ribbon.
  • Presidential Unit Citation.
  • United States Navy and Marine Corps Meritorious Unit Commendation Ribbon.
  • Coast Guard Unit Commendation Ribbon Operational.
  • Coast Guard Bi-Centennial Unit Ribbon.
  • United States Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon.
  • National Defense Medal - Bronze Star (Second Award).
  • Armed Forces Expeditionary Service Medal.
  • Vietnam Service Medal - Two Bronze Stars (two tours).
  • South West Asia Service Medal - Two Bronze Stars (two tours).
  • Coast Guard Special Operations Service Ribbon - Four Bronze Stars (four awards).
  • Navy Sea Service Ribbon.
  • Coast Guard Sea Service Ribbon.
  • Humanitarian Service Medal.
  • Navy Marine Corps Over Seas Service Ribbon.
  • Armed Forces Reserve Medal with Mobilization Device.
  • The Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal.
  • The Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross With Palm.
  • Saudi Arabian Liberation of Kuwait Medal.
  • Kuwait Liberation of Kuwait Medal.
  • United States Coast Guard Rifle Sharp Shooter Ribbon.
  • United States Coast Guard Pistol Expert Marksmanship - Silver Medal Badges and Insignias.
  • United States Navy First Class Diver / Deep Sea/ Mixed Gas/Salvage.
  • United States Navy/Coast Guard Diving Officer Device.
  • United States Coast Guard Officer Cutter man Device.
  • United States Coast Guard Port Security Unit Device.


  • California Marine Affairs Navigation Committee.
  • C.A.L.I. (California Association of Licensed Investigators).
  • N.A.P.A.R. (National Association of Professional Accident Reconstructions).
  • Orange County Police Officers Association (Past).
  • Los Angeles Police Officers Association (Past).
  • Santa Ana, California Police Officers Association (Past).
  • Tustin, California Police Officers Association (Past).
  • Downey, California Police Officers Association.
  • High Technology Crime Investigation Association.
  • Peace Officers Research Association of California.
  • California Narcotics Association (Past).
  • Southwestern Association of Technical Accident Reconstruction.
  • National Rifle Association, Distinguished Life Member.
  • Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Governing Member.
  • Disabled American Veterans Association, Life Member.
  • American Legion, Life Member.
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars, Life Member.
  • Coast Guard Combat Veterans Association, Life Member.
  • The United States Military Officers Association, Life Member (M.O.A.A.).
  • The United States Reserve Officers Association, Life Member.
  • United States Naval Institute, Life Member.
  • Vietnam Veterans of America, Life Member.
  • The Historical Diving Society U.S.A., Founding Contributor, Life Member.
  • Los Angeles Police Department Emerald Society.
  • Whittier California Chamber of Commerce (past).
  • Pasadena California Chamber of Commerce (past).
  • Long Beach Chamber of Commerce (past).
  • Avalon Island Chamber of Commerce (Past).
  • Australian American Chamber of Commerce (Past).
  • Downey California Chamber of Commerce (Past).

Publications and Profiles

  • United States Patent Number 4,463,654 dated August 7, 1984, Conversion kit for an assault rifle and converted rifle of compact configuration. Conversion of modern combat assault rifles into a compact configuration for Special Forces and unit utilization, still maintaining their original weapon capabilities.
  • N.B.C., Unsolved Mysteries, Weeks Murder Case 1986(first case on the first show).
  • N.B.C., profile on military weapons (David Horowitz) 1982.
  • Narcotics Publications and training manuals for Tustin Police Department 1971.
  • Assisted in writing of Naval Coastal Warfare Plans 1991- 93.
  • Rewrote and implemented the operational guidelines for the United States Coast Guard Port Security Unit, Port Al Dammam Kingdom Saudi Arabia 1990-91 (Desert Shield/Storm)
  • CNN (Nancy Grace) appearances as a guest consultant on murder cases.
  • Numerous feature articles Daily News, Murdock Publications
  • Numerous articles Los Angeles Times
  • Animal Planet (A&E): Animal planets the most extreme predator series was broadcast in the United States from Sept.14-21, 2003.

Police Training

  • 1968 Police Recruit Academy. Academy class of approximately 50 recruits, notable recruits to graduate from this class are Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca and Assistant Los Angeles County Sheriff William Stonich.
  • 1969 POST Basic Certificate
  • 1970 Chemical Agent retraining and re-Certification.
  • Police Officers Advanced Officer Training
  • POST Intermediate Certification
  • POST advanced officer Certificate
  • 1971 Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Science
  • Advanced traffic accident investigation and reconstruction.
  • Narcotics and Vice Investigation
  • Arrest, Search and Seizure (District Attorney Office)
  • Interrogations and Confessions (District Attorney Office)
  • United States Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Academy (B.N.D.D.)
  • 1972 Narcotics Control Institute
  • 1971 State of California, Department of Justice Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs School
  • Breathalyzer Operators school
  • 1973 Advanced Police Policy and Procedures
  • United States Federal Bureau of Investigation Firearms Training School
  • 1974 Advanced criminal investigation for field personnel
  • United States Federal Bureau of Investigation School on Investigative Interviews
  • 1975 United States Federal Bureau of Investigation Firearms training
  • Emergency response medical training
  • The academy of pursuit and defensive driving school
  • 1976 Intervention and Conflict Management School and certification

Barnes, Thomas 1983

Dr. Thomas Barnes Head Shot

Desert Storm 1990-1991
Diver Equipment
USCGC Point Camden
Caribbean Jungle 1989
United States Department of Justice Certificate
Dr. Barnes In Police Uniform
Police Officers
Police Badge
Dr. Barnes and President Reagan
Group Photo
Dr. Barnes In Military Uniform
State of California Private Investigator Certificate
Cost Guard Combat
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Vietnam Veterans of America

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